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Joining The Propeller Club of Paducah will let you interact with like-minded people in the river industry who can be invaluable sources of information and support – and can also help increase your business success.
Our large networking group offers members the chance to present their business to the group, or get specific business advice, as well as learn about the latest news, regulations, and ideas coming down the industry pipeline.

Besides the support and camaraderie, belonging to the Propeller Club is a great way to contribute to the growth of our industry and keep up with advances in our field, as well as an excellent opportunity to learn from others who may have more experience or new ideas.

The Propeller Club of Paducah can provide opportunities to interact with people, not only in the river industry, but also in other fields, which can be an eye-opening experience.

    1. Become associated with the local, national and international maritime community.
    2. Enjoy monthly meeting events featuring educational and informative programs designed to help you and your company stay abreast of the ever changing flow of information, regulations, and advances in our field.
    3. Network your business with a variety of marine towing professionals.
    4. Enjoy the festive National Maritime Day celebrations, including a golf outing, fish fry, and the Merchant Mariner Memorial Ceremony on the River.
    5. Help support local educational initiatives such as Adopt-A-Towboat, The River Discovery Center, and Marine Industry Day, plus similar events as they occur.

Propellor Club of Paducah
PO Box 243
Paducah, KY 42002-0243

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Download Membership Application:
Membership Applicationp.pdf

Membership Pins

The Propeller Club of Paducah will, upon request, provide our members with official membership pins as inexpensively as possible.

Many of these pins are indispensible in maintaining the prestige of the ports and in administering their affairs in an effective manner.

If you would like a membership pin, please contact Gail O’Connell at 270-554-0154 or at any monthly membership meeting.

Cost is $12 per pin

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