Welcome! The Paducah maritime community is a diverse and active group of shippers, shipping lines, surveyors, agents, insurers, tug and barge operators, port facilities, pilots, bankers, educators, lawyers, warehouse operators, and all the associations that contribute to the operations of the port and its efficiency, safety, and security.

The Propeller Club of the United States is a non-profit organization whose membership represent every aspect of the maritime industry and reside throughout the United States and overseas.

The Club is dedicated to the enhancement and well-being of all interests of the maritime community both on a national and international basis. 


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March meeting, sponsored by Hines Furlong Line was postponed.

Details on April meeting to be posted soon.

On behalf of the Staff and Board of the International Propeller Club we realize the difficult times everyone is going through due to the COVID-19 virus.  At this point there is no one in the world that has not been affected in one way or another and we wish  you and your families remain healthy.  Of course, most, if not all, meetings have been cancelled.  Be sure to check with your Port for information. … Stay safe, smart and healthy. ----Cheryl Rothbart Associate Executive Director International Propeller Club of the U.S.



On May 16th join us for Maritime day
and see who is 2020 Maritime Person

2019 Maritime Person of the year

Matt Bevin, Kentucky Governor



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    Coronavirus Makes The National Security Case For Rebuilding U.S. Maritime Power Compelling (From Forbes) lexingtoninstitute.org /coronavirus-makes-the-national-security-case-for-rebuilding-u-s-maritime-power-compelling-from-forbes April 17, ...

  • The Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) received a briefing on proposed regulations by the government of Canada that could disproportionately affect U.S.-flag ships operating on the Great Lakes.  Under U.S. law, the FMC may investigate unfair or discriminatory ...

  • The European Commission has approved various state aid rules that Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Poland, and Sweden may use to promote registration (flagging) of ships in their countries.  The goal is to make these flag-states competitive in the international ...

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    The Coast Guard has issued an interesting safety alert to help ensure that owners and bareboat charterers of towing vessels understand their responsibilities regarding the safety management system (SMS) for that vessel.  The bareboat charterer is now ...

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    For the eighth consecutive year, Propeller Club of Madrid carried out the organization of PROMart, a round table on port maritime logistics, which this time had the title: Sector concentration and consolidation: challenges of today and tomorrow. The ...

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    Friday, June 5, 2020 marks the 100 th anniversary of the Merchant Marine Act of 1920 (commonly referred to as the "Jones Act").  This law had two important provisions that are currently used every day in the United States.  First, it created a right ...

  • Posted in: Maritime Security

    Coronavirus Makes The National Security Case For Rebuilding U.S. Maritime Power Compelling (From Forbes) lexingtoninstitute.org /coronavirus-makes-the-national-security-case-for-rebuilding-u-s-maritime-power-compelling-from-forbes April 17, ...

  • Posted in: Open Forum

    The April 2020 Newsletter of the International Propeller Club of the United States is now available.  It includes information on: National Maritime Day (May 22, 2020) COVID-19 and IPCUS Inland Waterway Infrastructure 101 Along the Potomac: ...